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Call us to arrange a tour: 507.364.7383

Most Holy Redeemer Catholic School invites you to explore our school where our faith is a part of each day. Come to visit and learn why parents say HRS is the best school! See our multiage classes in action with hands-on learning and STREAM (STEM) education. Call 507.364.7383 for a tour or visit our "admissions" page - Scholarships from Aim Higher still available!


Thursday, February 18 
6:00 - 7:30 pm

Most Holy Redeemer Catholic School

the Teddy Bear Band

Daily classes for younger students ages 3/4
Daily classes for students ages 4/5

Open to all faiths!



Catholic Schools Raffle

Tickets will be sent out next week so students can start selling the raffle tickets. Since Catholic United covers the Raffle costs, all $5 of every ticket purchased stays at the school. It's like making a donation to the school, but with an added possibly of winning a new car or one of many other prizes. .Use the link above to view this year's prize list.  You can also view the prize list on


Mark your calendars now and make sure to like the page so you can see all the wonderful items

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Ongoing School Fundraisers  Boxtop

Qualifying labels are collected by our families and friends and submitted to the school where they are submitted for cash or other educational items.  Aluminum cans are dropped off in the trailer located in the church parking lot. The KC’s take them in for recycling, and the school receives the payment.  

  • Campbell's Soup Labels / UPC's
  • My Coke Rewards
  • General Mills BoxTops for Education
  • Kemps Milk Caps, labels
  • Nature's Touch / Kwik Trip Milk Moola
  • Coborn’s Register Tapes for Education
  • Loaves For Learning UPCs from Village Hearth, Country Hearth
  • Ink cartridges
  • Pop tabs

For more details on these fundraisers, please contact the school office

MISSION: As a Catholic community, Most Holy Redeemer Catholic School seeks to challenge its students and staff through multi-age education. Our efforts as teachers, staff, students and families are focused on developing young leaders, creating closer relationships with God, learning from each other, and serving as the hands & feet of Christ. 


PHILOSOPHY: At Most Holy Redeemer Catholic School, we guide through Catholic doctrine and mulitage education the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth of our students, staff, and families. We recognize and affirm the individuality of each person.

HRS AWARDED GRANTS & PARTNERSHIPS: Most Holy Redeemer Catholic School is an award winning school participating in both academic and scholarship grant programs. Grants awarded for 2015-16 include:

  • AIM HIGHER - Scholarship grant program awarded to HRS to support students.(Website)
  • Catholic Community Foundation - Scholarship grants awarded to HRS to support scholarship needs.(Website)
  • CATHOLIC UNITED FINANCIAL - awarded raffle participation winner for the 2015-16 year.
  • INSTY PRINTS - HRS is a printing grant recipient winner for 2015.
  • MCA/ARCHDIOCESE GRANT - Grant awarded to HRS to support training and costs for implementation of Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments.
  • SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOLS - Minnesota Safety grant in partnership with Tri-City United schools for creating safe routes to and from school. 
  • SCHOOL CHOICE - participant in students having a "choice in schools."
  • SCHULZE Family Foundation Grant - for our school to support schools of excellence.

As you review the website, please do not hesitate to call our school to learn more about the
Holy Redeemer family! We would love to have you come for a visit to see how amazing our
school truly is and what a difference we make in the lives of students.

HRS is an accredited school with MNSAA.
Visit AIM Higher to learn why your family should choose a Catholic school!



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