Back-to-School & COVID 19

Welcome back to school!  Students and staff have not met in person since March 13, 2020, but come Sept. 8, Most Holy Redeemer (MHR) is opening up to in-person learning.  

So what does coming back to school mean?  As expected, there will be changes due to the current health concerns.  Working with both local and regional resources, George Vondracek, MHR’s Principal, has established safety protocols to support in-person learning and is communicating them to families this week.  

 Specifically, the safety guidelines include temperature checks for all students, staff, and visitors and required face coverings for everyone who enters the building.  In addition to masks, each student will have a portable desk shield, and, of course, physical distancing guidelines will be followed in classrooms, in the cafeteria, and on the playground.   

Along with addressing COVID concerns, MHR continues to make improvements in several areas.  First, the school’s 5-8 STREAM/Science Room has been remodeled to accommodate revisions in the National Science Standards.  Another change this year is the implementation of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program.   Utilizing  methods associated with Maria Montessori’s work with young children, this faith development approach will be incorporated into the preschool curriculum this year.  Characterized by a deep respect for a child’s faith life, the CGS program will be expanded to other grade levels in the future.  Finally, in the area of technology, all K-2 students will have new Chromebook Tablets to use.

Most Holy Redeemer is excited to greet all students, new and old, at its Open House on Wed., Sept. 2.  Because of COVID concerns, the Open House will operate in a style similar to last spring’s check-out program:  Following a schedule, families will enter the building at appointed times between 5:30-7:00pm.  In addition to dropping off student supplies, visiting classrooms, and talking with teachers at appointed times, parents and students can, according to Mr. Vondracek, “expect a few surprises.”  

     Mr. Vondracek, who is in his sixth year at MHR, encourages all area families to investigate Most Holy Redeemer by visiting   Parents interested in registering their children for either K-8 classes and/or the DHS-licensed Little Lambs Preschool program should contact the school at 507-364-7383.