Book Blast 2022

“It’s finally here! We have the iPad winner for our Book Blast! Drumroll please…… Congratulations, Finnley Mahoney! You’ve all done a fabulous job of completing your Treasure Maps this past week. Let’s give ourselves a round of applause for helping build our home libraries. I am so proud of you; but remember students, just because the iPad drawing is over doesn’t mean the Book Blast is over. Each of you will receive at least one new, exciting book for your home library, but you have the chance to earn 10!

 “Thanks to everyone who has helped make Book Blast such a success for our school! We now have our 4th and final Book Blast Treasure Chest stuffed with cash winner. Congratulations to Fiona Mahoney! This has been a fun first week of rewards and prizes for many of you, and the grand prize drawing for the iPad is next. So, be sure to complete your Treasure Map assignment before midnight. You could be the next winner!”

“Let’s start the day with some exciting news. We now have our 3rd Book Blast Treasure Chest stuffed with cash winner! Congratulations to Graham Velishek! We still have one more Treasure Chest stuffed with cash to give away and then the grand prize iPad drawing. If you would like the chance to win, be sure to complete your Treasure Map assignment tonight! Best of luck to all of you!”

“Congratulations, Maxwell Velishek, for being our 2nd Book Blast Treasure Chest stuffed with cash winner!  Way to go! For those families that still want to participate, hoist your ship’s sails and register here: Your school link. Your adventure awaits!

“Ahoy, mateys!! The 1st winner of the Book Blast Treasure Chest stuffed with cash is Sylvie Prochaska! Congratulations! Now, more treasure awaits…. If you haven’t yet, register and enter contact info for 10+ people who want to support your pirate’s home library: Login Link. Tomorrow, your pirate could be hauling home the treasure!”

“Our voyage starts today! Once you receive your Treasure Map, the treasure hunt begins! Be sure to complete it for a chance to win one of 4 Treasure Chests stuffed with cash and even an Apple iPad!  But even better, you’ll be starting the journey to earning all 10 books on the Treasure Map book list.  Heave ho let’s go readers!”

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