MHRS to Participate in Literacy Partnership with Groves Academy

MHRS announced this spring that it has been selected by Catholic Schools Center of Excellence as one of 18 Catholic elementary schools to participate in a literacy partnership with Groves Academy. CSCOE helps Catholic elementary schools enhance educational excellence and increase their enrollments and Groves Academy advocates for evidence-based literacy instruction for all students in the state of Minnesota.

“We are excited to be one of the eighteen schools selected to pilot this unique partnership between CSCOE and Groves Academy and we thank CSCOE for their generous support to make this happen,” said George Vondracek, MHRS Principal.

The Groves Literacy Framework™ is a comprehensive, three-year program for reading and spelling instruction designed to prevent reading problems using evidence-based practices supported by scientific research. Weekly classroom coaching, monthly team meetings and other teacher supports are key to the Framework’s success.

“Our goal is to have each and every child in our Catholic elementary schools be fluent readers and spellers by the end of third grade. The Framework not only helps the typical student excel, it can identify students who struggle and provide them with the support they need to be successful,” said Gail Dorn, president, CSCOE. “We believe that the Groves approach is the best and most successful in the country and we want to partner with the very best! .”

In addition to MHRS, 17 other Catholic elementary schools were also selected to be part of CSCOE’s pilot partnership with Groves Academy with the intent to bring on the remaining schools in year two and three. Criteria for selection included: school size, location, student demographics, leadership capacity, and 100 percent teacher buy-in.
CSCOE is a nonprofit organization with a two-part mission: to help Catholic elementary schools enhance excellence and to increase student enrollment.

Groves Academy is a nonprofit organization that serves students with dyslexia, ADHD and similar learning disabilities through their school and learning center. Groves also partners with schools in the community to share the Groves Literacy Framework™, their evidence-based approach to literacy instruction.