1st & 2nd Grade

About our classroom:

Our classroom helps students develop a well-rounded education through a variety of subjects. Students will learn Language Arts, Math, Spanish, Social Studies and Religion at their grade levels. Our classroom environment will be a safe and welcoming environment where all students will be able to make mistakes and grow in their education and faith every day. We will also discuss bully prevention throughout the year and how to be a friend to all.

Throughout the year, students will participate in weekly Mass, including hosting their own mass. Other events they will participate in will include:

  • Homecoming
  • Marathon Week
  • Service Projects
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Track and Field day
  • Adoration
  • School Gatherings
  • Community Events


Music 2 continues to develop student knowledge of the elements of music. Students develop as they use the solfege method, perform rhythm patterns, play classroom instruments, participate in musical classroom activities, and perform twice a year. Musical instruction includes liturgical music. As students develop musically, they also incorporate faith into their developing faith as well.