3rd & 4th Grade

The 3-4 multi-age classroom challenges students to reach their full potential. Students receive grade-level instruction in math and language arts and have the potential to move up levels in these subjects. All other subjects are taught through multi-age instruction utilizing differentiated techniques to reach all children where they are with hands-on center instruction and student exploration. From classroom meetings to individual attention, HRS students thrive.

Students pray together daily and learn more about their faith through religious lessons and weekly Mass participation.


Music 3/4 gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of musical elements and perform. As students prepare for instrumental or vocal instruction in the upcoming years, they experience music through the use of instruments. In this multi-age setting, students learn from one another and also experience liturgical music as they lead music at their mass. When they perform twice a year and sing at masses students also get the opportunity to reflect on their own performance and purpose for performing. Students get to share their talents and serve as the hands and feet and voices of Christ.