Kindergarten is such a busy and fun year! For some, it is the first time they have been in a school setting. I make the classroom very welcoming and make it a safe and comfortable learning environment for all.

In kindergarten, the kiddos start building friendships and learn how to cope socially. It is so much fun to watch these friendships blossom.

We also do a lot of learning in kindergarten. By the time January rolls around your child will know how to READ!!! I love teaching reading!

We also have many opportunities for you to be involved in your child’s learning. This is a team effort and I strongly encourage you to email or talk to me about any questions or concerns you have regarding your child.

I look forward to being a teacher that your child will always remember!


The class introduces students to the various elements of music. During the year, the students spend time learning about the musical elements of duration, melody, form, and style. The elements are shared and experienced in a number of days including movement, participation in singing, and other music classroom activities. As a Catholic school, liturgical music is also taught often in preparation for Mass. Students perform twice a year and share all that they have been introduced to.