RaiseRight by ShopWithScrip

What is Scrip?

Gift cards purchased from MHRS at face value. The school orders those cards from Raise Right Scrip Center at a reduced price. The difference between the face value and the reduced price is an instant rebate for MHRS, which 60% goes to your tuition account. It’s really that simple!

The following gift cards are available for immediate purchase at:

  • The school office during regular office hours
  • Church in the back before Mass on Saturdays or before 10:30 a.m. Mass on Sundays


Edel’s Meat MarketHerrmann DrugOdenthal’s Meats
Pizzeria 201Mackenthun’s Fine FoodsCasey’s
Next Chapter Winery TargetWalmart/Sam’s Club
Quilter’s DreamSubwayBP Gas Stations
Dairy QueenHoliday Gas StationsKohl’s
Kwik TripMenardsMills Fleet Farm

Thousands more gift cards available online – raiseright.com

Did you know that you can order ScripNow E-cards on your smart phone or computer for immediate use?

Did you know you can make payments on your Kohl’s Credit Card with Scrip?

  • First setup up your Scrip Account, and register for PrestoPay – please contact the school.
  • Grab the app – MyScripWallet
  • ScripNow may be used in any store or restaurant that has it available. Just order online while you shop or enjoy the end of your dinner conversation. In a matter of minutes, the ScripNow card is sent to your email for immediate use.
  • Shopping online? Same thing – order from ScripNow.
  • Many vendors are available for ScripNow.

Tuition Credit – Top families

  1. $330.90
  2. $253.57
  3. $244.84

These families also earned $552.87 for the school’s general fund!

Check it out today!